Harpist Stephanie Claussen performs and teaches in St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN.

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The Road Home From Skye ORDER
Comprised of over two dozen traditional tunes from Scotland and Ireland, The Road Home from Skye features original harp arrangements by Stephanie Claussen.

Stephanie Claussen plays harp

About Stephanie Claussen

2018 US National Scottish Harp Champion Stephanie Claussen is a performer, harp teacher and arranger. With a repertoire that spans the Celtic and classical worlds, she performs in concerts, special events and festivals in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the Twin Cities area.

Stephanie teaches harp lessons. If you love music and have always wanted to learn harp, whether Classical or Celtic, it is never too late to start playing. Harp is a very forgiving instrument that sounds great from the very beginning. Stephanie runs a private harp studio from her home in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Road Home From Skye Sheet Music

Discover over two dozen traditional tunes from Scotland and Ireland: a mix of novel and familiar jigs, reels, airs, marches, and strathspeys.

Intermediate through advanced harp players will enjoy these lovely melodies and their fresh, sparkling accompaniments. The arrangements include several optional transitions for combining tunes into sets, as heard on Claussen’s album The Road Home from Skye.

Find The Road Home from Skye: Scottish and Irish Tunes for Celtic Harp wherever harp music is sold.

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